Our mission is to bring a principled, institutional approach to the art finance market.

Athena Art Finance is not an investment fund and does not invest in or acquire art.


"Athena is unique in the world of non-bank art lenders. Prospective borrowers will be pleased to find that they are dealing directly with sophisticated financial professionals. This makes for a far more positive experience for most borrowers than working with firms that are populated with art dealers, hunting for auction consignments, or taking direction from warehouse lenders."

STEPHEN BRODIE, Partner at Herrick Feinstein LLP in New York

"What truly made art an asset class is the ability to borrow against it, to finance it. That’s what establishes its status. In the 1970s, when the British Rail Pension Fund started an art investment fund, it was very, very controversial. The view then was that funds and investors should buy stocks and bonds, so this pension fund should not be investing in art. With the level of appreciation we have seen in art, that debate is no longer valid. Today, people on the Forbes 400 list are making that list in part because of their art collections. There is little doubt that art has proven to be a very, very solid asset and the launch of Athena Art Finance is just a further validation."


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Content is free, just leave your email to download article.

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