For sophisticated collectors, art is both a passion and a sizable portion of their net worth. Yet art is also likely the least financially optimized asset.

Existing financing options are expensive and impose high opportunity costs. Recourse lending puts other assets at risk. By leveraging their art works, our clients optimize the use and enjoyment of their collections, while unlocking equity and providing investment portfolio diversification.

There are many additional reasons our clients borrow against their art collections:


What is Athena Art Finance?

Athena Art Finance is an independent specialty finance company dedicated to serving the needs of the global art market. We specialize in lending solutions that are secured by blue-chip fine art collections.

What services does Athena Art Finance provide?

We provide term loans secured by fine art at competitive interest rates for typically up to 5 years. Our loan offerings provide financing for existing collections or acquisitions.

What advance rates does Athena Art Finance offer against art?

We will lend up to 50% of the appraised value of the proposed art collateral.

What loan sizes does Athena Art Finance offer?

Our preferred minimum loan size is $2-$3 million and can accommodate loan requests for substantially greater amounts.

What type of art does Athena Art Finance accept as collateral?

We will consider individual artworks and collections of blue-chip fine art as collateral. Artworks must be internationally marketable and produced by prominent artists with an existing track record in the secondary market.

Why borrow against art?

By leveraging art, our clients optimize the use and enjoyment of their collection, while unlocking equity and allowing further portfolio diversification.

How long will the process take?

The length of the loan underwriting process will depend heavily on the complexity of our clients’ art ownership structure. However, our finance expertise and large balance sheet allow Athena Art Finance to process inquiries more quickly than traditional lenders.

What type of documentation do I need?

We maintain a streamlined set of documentation requirements – including but not limited to – evidence of title, provenance, insurance coverage and storage location. Additionally, a full description of the proposed art collateral should include title, artist, date of creation, medium dimensions, and high-resolution images. We will also consider the credit profile of our clients.

What is the collateral evaluation process?

We work with industry-leaders in art appraisal and advisory services on a highly confidential basis to evaluate a collection. Typically, we will require an independent appraisal and inspection by a conservator.

Do our clients’ retain possession of their art?

If the art collection is located in the U.S., our clients may be able to retain possession. If outside of the U.S., we will likely require that the artwork be held in a mutually agreed storage facility for the duration of the loan.

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