As art market activity has surged, the demand for an independent, institutional lender has increased. Values in the global art market have greatly appreciated and shown strong resilience over many economic cycles. However, traditional financing sources have remained reluctant to provide asset-based lending against blue-chip fine art.

Private Banks

  • Tied to Existing Banking Relationship
  • Regulatory Constraints
  • Accommodation for Existing Clients Only
  • Focused on Selling Other Services

Athena Advantage

  • Independent
  • Well Capitalized
  • Dedicated Art Finance Platform
  • Flexible and Discreet

Niche Lenders

  • Loan-To-Own or Sale
  • Limited Access to Capital
  • Lack of Global Coverage
  • Misaligned Interests

Athena Art Finance will customize lending solutions to address our clients’ unique needs. These solutions include:

Athena Art Finance offers loans starting at one million U.S. Dollars – for as much as 50% of appraised value.

Our Advantage Lies In Our Five Core Values:


We maintain our independence by ensuring that our interests are strictly aligned with those of our clients. We understand that an art collection is the product of years of investment of passion, time, and financial resources. We allow our clients to unlock the equity value embedded in their collections — without having to consider sale or future consignment.


Building on the extensive relationships and expertise of our management team, Athena Art Finance delivers an institutional platform for financing the global art market. Our management team bring decades of experience in global financial services, loan management, and art collecting.


Our deep pool of financial resources allows us to structure credit solutions to meet our clients’ unique financing needs – both in the U.S. and globally – and we do so with the utmost discretion. Athena Art Finance does not operate as either a broker or art investment fund.


Our business model is not based on the future ownership, consignment or sale of our clients’ collections. Rather, our mandate is to provide our clients with fair and competitive financing solutions, free from the inherent and unavoidable conflicts of other art lenders. Through our principled business practices, Athena Art Finance strives to be an industry leader and a well-respected participant in the global art community, by maintaining the highest ethical standards and utmost client confidentiality.


Athena Art Finance works with existing global art market participants to build strong support from the most highly respected art collectors, auction houses, advisors, dealers, family offices, lawyers, and private bankers, among others.

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