Greenwich, CT Athena Art Finance Corporation’s VP of Strategy, Nigel Glenday, moderated a panel discussion at The Bruce Museum titled The Financially Savvy Collector: What does an Evolving Art Market Mean for Collectors Today?

Panelists included Doug Woodman, former President for the Americas for Christie’s and current Managing Partner at Art Fiduciary Advisors; Franklin Boyd, an attorney specializing in art law and faculty member at Sotheby’s Institute’s Business of Art Program; and Gregory Miller, an active art collector, contemporary arts organization leader and Managing Director at Greenhill & Company.

In examining today’s art market, Glenday elicited thoughtful responses from an expert panel on the perspective of art as an investment, how market growth is impacting liquidity and transparency, and what strategies collectors and advisors should consider in a rapidly evolving market.

Glenday noted, “Conventional thought is since the [art] market is growing in overall size, then it is is becoming more liquid…this is a question we think about a great deal at Athena and helps us advise how collectors can best employ credit as a parallel liquidity tool for their collections.”

Among other topics, Glenday shared Athena’s approach to credit solutions for private collectors and emphasized the importance of an advisory approach toward collectors considering financing options to access incremental investible capital or general liquidity for specific financial objectives.


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