London – Athena Art Finance Corporation’s CEO, Andrea Danese, participated in a talk held at the British Museum, where he joined an expert panel to discuss Art As An Investment Tool. The panel discussion was one of three that comprised the day-long invitation-only event that was led by Dr. Iur Tetiana Bersheda, Attorney at the Bar of Geneva, and focused on how to protect today’s art investors.

The Art As An Investment Tool discussion was moderated by Professor Eugene Soltes, Harvard Business School, and also featured panelists Judith Pearson, President and CEO, Nomadx Solutions, and Philip Hoffman, Founder & CEO, The Fine Art Group.

Danese emphasized three fundamentals that will continue to drive market growth: price transparency, liquidity, and participation, as well as the causal effects between the three. He also discussed Athena’s principled, institutional approach to art finance and the increasing demand for stronger risk management parameters and due diligence practices.


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